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How do I listen to the station?

Click on the "Listen Live!" link under the menu for Grey FM Downtown (Pop and Rock) or Grey FM Heartland (Country and Southern Rock). You may be asked to register; it's free to sign up, and you should only need to register once. Be sure to disable any popup blockers, as they will prevent the Live365 player from starting. Additionally, you can choose a station from the player window on the left side of the Grey FM homepage.

How fast an internet connection is required to listen to Grey FM?

Our stream broadcasts at 64 kilobits per second. A high speed Internet connection such as Cable, T1, or DSL is required to listen to Grey FM. Most 3G cell phones will play the stream just fine with a good signal. Dialup internet connections are not currently supported.

I'm being asked to log in when I try to listen to the station. Do I have to register?

Our network provider, Live365, asks that you become a member after several listens. Becoming a member is free, and also allows you to take advantage of other benefits, such as storing your favorite stations on presets, rating songs, and interacting with other listeners and broadcasters in the Live365 community. Signing up for a membership also allows us to know where people listen to our station!

Do I need to sign up for a Live365 VIP membership?

A VIP membership is not required to listen to Grey FM. However, signing up for a VIP membership does have its advantages, including:

* No interruptions from Live365 advertisers
* Higher quality sound
* Guaranteed access to Grey FM Downtown and Grey FM Heartland, even when the station is full
* Free Radio365 software
* Support Grey FM every time you listen!
* Longer continuous listening sessions

VIP memership starts at less than six dollars per month.

Why does the stream cut off after I've been listening a while?

We pay royalties on every song that gets played, even if our stream is playing in an empty room. When you get the "Are You Still There" message, just simply click "continue" to keep listening.

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